Wednesday, October 17, 2012

work in progress this week...

I am focusing on two pictures this week. My portrait of Maryann is finally dry and ready for the next layer of glaze. I have learned more about Harley Davidson motorcycles than I ever thought I would know. These days when I pass one on the street I look carefully at it's engine, handle bars and any accessories it may have on it. They are all unique. Harley riders like to express themselves by outfitting their bike and clothing with awesome bling.
This week also marks the start of my series tentatively titled Equestrian Expressionism.  Maybe that name is a bit too kitschy, but so far it is the first one to stick with me.
Equestrian Expressionism is a 24 picture series I've been contemplating for the last year or so. Half of the paintings will interpret my admiration for horses and their varied relationship with humans. The other half of the series deals how horses are depicted in art and pop culture through the generations. These will be still lifes. All of the pictures are painted in oil on panels. Here's hoping I can get all of this done in a timely fashion.
Here are a few pix of the pictures thus far...

Portrait of Maryann in progress.
The orange behind her is an underpainting. The actual background will be a summer sky in Syracuse, New York.

Imperial Horse, in progress.
 I wish there wasn't such a glare on this shot. The colors are richer in person.