Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The demo continues

Now that the weather is warmer, we are finally getting back to the kitchen remodel. The layout will be similar to the one before, but instead of an L shaped counter space, the counters will be U shaped. We are going to try to hopefully change the size and height of the windows. The center window over the sink hopefully will get a bit taller, and the two side windows will be narrower to allow space for a fridge and stove.
The entry to the kitchen from the dining room features a wide doorway, about six feet across. When we tore out the trim around it and some of the wall above it, we found the header and some of the framing to the original door. It was much smaller, a standard size door. It looks like the kitchen was updated sometime in the late sixties when they widened the doorway to the dining area and removed the door. They were the pioneers of open concept. Thoughtfully, they left the original door upstairs. I guess they thought someone might want to put it back some day. I thought about it, but I think I'll leave the doorway the way it is. It is nice to see the other rooms on the main floor.
The powder room on the first floor isn't original to the house either. I think it was added in the eighties or early nineties. I've spent a lot of time trying to guess how the space was configured before the bathroom was added.
The place is a mess right now but hopefully we will be able to finish the demo and start rebuilding the space soon.
The kitchen after we removed most of the panelling. The floor is next.

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