Thursday, June 25, 2015


Nothing much is happening at the farm these days. It's quiet and everything surrounding is busy growing. The grass requires mowing every few days.
We are growing soybeans instead of corn this year. It seems strange to be able to see to the other end of the property at this time of year. We're used to a corn curtain by now.
The beans are good for the soil, so we're growing them this year and maybe next year too. Everything is so green. These photos will seem so different in eight months.
The house renovation is still underway. We are waiting for a time when all of the parties involved can meet to form a plan of action. Making that happen is turning into a bigger challenge than expected.

Two members of the large herd we have. They're eating something in the soybean field. I wouldn't be surprised if they eat the entire soybean field.

It's difficult to see in this photo, but I planted a dawn redwood at the base of the giant oak tree that was cut down. I hear they grow fast. Hopefully it will be a big tree in my lifetime.
Mowing, mowing, and more mowing.

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